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Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 in Marriage Tips | 0 comments

LOVE is spelled T-I-M-E

It is said that for a child, “LOVE is spelled T-I-M-E.” I believe this is not only true for children but for married couples as well. Time is such a precious resource nowadays. We’re all so busy busy busy. The husband is busy building his career. The wife is busy taking care of the kids. The man is busy with his hobbies. The woman is busy with her friends. Unfortunately for many, the husband and wife are busy with practically everything and everyone else…except with each other.

Sadly, that’s what happens. If you’ve been married long enough, you know about the endless things to do. The feeding bottles to clean…the diapers to change…the work to be done to put food on the table…your parents who have been requesting your visit for many months…your friend who seriously needs your help…PTA (Parents & Teachers Association) meetings to attend…the doctor appointments…the list goes on and on. And note that most if not all are clamoring to be “top priority.”



A Simple Truth

Here’s a simple truth about time. When you choose to do something, you are also making the choice not to do something else. When you choose to meet someone, you are also making the choice not to meet others. When you choose to give your attention to something or someone, you are choosing not to give your attention to everything else. To spell it out more clearly, it’s either you give your full attention to your spouse or not.

Making the already tough situation more difficult, we live in a highly-commercialized and always-connected society. Every person is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages daily. Everywhere you look and everywhere you go, advertisements are calling on you to give your time and attention to them. Whether online or offline, in the car or walking on the road, we can spend our energy on millions of things. And people all around us are grabbing our attention – an SMS here, a chat message there, a call in the middle of your date, etc.

Enough said…even this article is taking your time! :-)

Call to Action

The call to action here is simple. If you love your partner, give him/her time.
1) Slow down.
2) Give her your full undivided attention.
3) Intentionally tune out other stuff and focus your mind on him.
4) Get disconnected from technology for a while. Turn off your iPads, laptops, cellphones, etc.
5) Love your spouse by giving T-I-M-E.


LOVE is spelled T-I-M-E.


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