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Posted by on Sep 16, 2011 in Marriage Tips | 1 comment

A Wedding is One Day – A Marriage is a Lifetime

It has been said that “a wedding is one day – a marriage is a lifetime.” Do you still remember how much time and energy you poured into preparing for your wedding? Did it take months or even a whole year? How many hours did you spend on discussing the guest list? How many caterers or suppliers did you visit to canvas the prices and packages that they offer to determine the best offer? It is amazing how much energy and brainpower is put into preparing for that one big wedding day.

I wonder then how much time and energy wedded couples today are investing into their marriage. If it’s the same amount of intensity and focus as the times we were preparing for our wedding, then there would probably be a lot fewer marriages falling apart.

Now, of course, comparing the past with the present is not a simple apples to apples comparison. Before getting married, men had less bills to pay, no children to drive to school, and no broken appliances to fix. On the other hand, women didn’t have meals to cook, diapers to change, and houses to clean. But after getting married and living with your spouse, a deluge of responsibilities overwhelms us and our To Do list becomes never-ending.

It’s precisely because of so many things to do that we fail to put time and energy into our marriage relationships. However, we need to remember that marriage is a relationship and it should last a lifetime. It is not only about a list of things to do. It is a living relationship with your partner. It has also been said a strong marriage is the best gift you can give to your children. When your children know that mom and dad are committed to love each other no matter what, they will grow up with priceless peace and security.

Action Points
1) Assess yourself. How much focused time per day are you spending with your partner talking about yourselves (not about what needs to be done)?

2) If you don’t have a “date night,” schedule a weekly “date night” with your spouse making sure that night is free from the kids and things to do.


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